My Fairy Tale- Intro

My Fairy Tale

This is my fairy tale story. Once upon a time there lived the adoring, loving Queen Mary she loved the people of her Kingdom. She and her loving husband King Richard at her side, ruled the land of Dorf. King Richard was her knight in shining armor. He protected her from most all the ugliness of ruling the kingdom. All she had to care about was their five beautiful children.

The oldest was Prince Drayton, he was a dashing young man. The King was grooming him to one day rule the kingdom. Prince Drayton was very good at negotiations, and debates. And quite arrogant and proud of his political conquests.

Then there was humble Prince Allen, he too was a dashing young man, but he was the warrior. His bronze and agility out ranked that of his older brother. The King saw his giftings and was grooming Prince Allen to be head of the Army. Although Prince Allen was large and mean looking on the outside, he loved to rough house with the other soldiers, as well as his brothers and sisters. He was a very soft hearted and kind young man.

Third in line was Princess Marie, she was a very beautiful young girl with brown eyes, and long brown flowing hair… she was very rebellious and did not like going to etiquette classes or listening to the queen. She would frequently run to the city and hang out with the peasants, and the outlaws. The Queen and King didn’t know what to do with her.

The youngest boy and forth in line, was Prince William. William was much shorter than his other brothers, and smaller in frame but he would hold his ground in any fight verbal or physical. William was a restless young man and enjoyed the night life.  The King saw potential in him as someday being a leader of the rebel factions; sending him on a lifelong crusade to find the lost ones & bring them all back home.

The youngest of the family was Princess Amanda. The beautiful Amanda was a spirited young teenager. She also had brown eyes, and long brown flowing hair like her older sister and her mother.  But Amanda was very different than her older sister, she was quite close to her mother, the queen. Amanda enjoyed playing with her handmaids in the garden and learning all the etiquette of a Lady. Princess Amanda was also her father’s favorite. The King would play with her, and bring her back treasures from each of his quests. Yes, the kind and loving Amanda was loved and protected by all her family.

The day was like any other day. The King was in chamber with his court and Prince Drayton. The Queen was in the garden entertaining neighboring royalty with Princess Amanda. Prince Allen and Prince William were out in the court yard with the other soldiers practicing the different moves. Just a normal day.  When out from nowhere came this stranger riding into the garden area, the Queen quickly arose from her chair grabbing Princess Amanda to her side. It was Sir Scott, from the neighboring kingdom. Sir Scott was a good friend of the Princes. He was frantic, while he was in town he saw someone kidnap Princess Marie. The Queen dropped to her knees, sobbing, sending her maid to summons the King and alert the family. Little did she know that Princess Amanda had snuck away to the stable. While the royal family was strategizing on how to find Princess Marie, Princess Amanda was riding off to the city on her favorite steed in search of her sister.  Princess Amanda had learned a lot from Prince Allen on how to defend and protect herself. So fearlessly she rode into the city after her sister.

Meanwhile back at the castle, the royal family had realized that Princess Amanda was also missing. Utterly distort the King and Queen put out a royal decree awarding anyone whom ever found and brought home the two Princesses. The Princes had formed a search party to go house to house throughout the kingdom in search for the Princesses.

Now Princess Amanda had reached the city. She saw the local baker to whom she knew and asked him if he had seen or heard anything on the kidnapping of her sister. He told her that he had seen a tall rough looking man forcing her in his hay wagon. He warned her not to follow after the man with the hay wagon. The Princess didn’t heed the warning and off she rode, into the country side in pursuit of her sister. Little did she know that her brothers were not too far away, searching the countryside.

Using the tactical skills that her brothers had taught her, the Princess searched for her older sister. She eliminated some of the houses that she knew were good honest citizens, and focused on the old, broken down and abandoned houses. Just on the edge of the Kingdom there was an old farm, she remembered her mother talking about the death of the old farmer, and that he had no heirs to get his property. As she rode by the house she saw smoke coming from the chimney of the home. Knowing that no one was living there she rode down the path. Just before coming to the clearing of the house she dismounted her horse. Leaving her horse in the forest area, she stealth-fully crept up to the house. Peeking into the living room window she saw her sister tied to a chair, but she couldn’t see anyone else. Where were the people guarding her she thought? Did she dare to just go in and free her sister OR was it a trap? Cautiously she opened the door. Princes Marie, seeing her sister tried to warn her of the trap, but Amanda wasn’t paying attention to her sister. Her focus was on her surroundings. Suddenly, Princess Amanda was grabbed from behind. With quick thinking she remembered the defensive moves that her brother Prince Allen had taught her.  In three well placed moves the Princess had her assailant taken down. To her amazement he was the only one guarding her sister, the others had gone to the castle to present their demands to the King and Queen. Princess Amanda untied her sister and bound the bad guy. As the two Princesses were walking out of the house, Prince Allen and his search party were coming down the path to the house. In total relief he dismounted and gave his sisters a hug. Both girls trying to talk at the same time telling their brother of the happenings, and that they need to get back to the castle.  Prince Allen commanded his general to escort the Princesses back to the castle, well he raced back to the castle to inform his parents of the safety of his sisters. As well as the apprehension of the kidnappers.

                Epilogue: The great commission

After hearing of their children’s adventure; the great King and Queen took their sons report into consideration. Noticing their many heirs were all bound for their own adventures along the way to earning their own kingdoms- the king called out for his sages and scribes with great excitement.

“Go forth and recruit the greatest scholars and scribes in the kingdom,” the king cried out escorting his wife into the council chambers. “send them forth to witness and record the great deeds and adventures of my heirs.”… and with wonderous hearts, the king and queen dispatched their best scribes to record the many adventures of their heirs.  So, the stories begin…


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