Comming soon- The Dragon's Quest

Below is an excerpt from the up and coming short story of "The Dragon' Quest" by P.E.Writes.

Without hast, Sir Scott and Prince Allen rode off with a small troop of soldiers. Once they were no longer visible by the camp. Sir Scott and the Prince partnered up to go find the dragon, while they sent the soldiers to scour the countryside in search of survivors. Ordering them to take anyone that was found back to the camp for safety. The dragon was not hard to find, all they had to do was to follow the smoky destruction.  From the information Sir Scott had received when talking with the generals, they had figured out the pattern of attacks that the dragon had been doing; he, the dragon only attacked early in the morning and then at sun set in the evening. Now all they have to do is lure the dragon out. Both of the men were quite skilled at dragon slaying, this was the third dragon in the last five years. Both of them were quite confident that they would have no problem finding and slaying the dragon. In their estimation they should have it slayed by morning sun rise. It was now getting to sun set… time for the dragon to attack. They found the nearest farmers field close to the devastation, and with all their calculations it should be the next place where the dragon should hit. Ready and waiting the two men hid by a tree, trying to stay out of sight. The herd of cattle were all lying down ready to sleep. When out of nowhere came a whoosh of air, and in a blink one of the cattle was missing. They hadn’t seen anything. Then whoosh, and another cattle was gone. Whoosh, whoosh two more cattle were missing. Where were they going. Neither of the men saw anything. What kind of dragon were they dealing with? They had heard of the dragons that had the power to become invisible. But neither had ever seen one.